worship of ancestors Pithru Pujanam  volume-2

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Our Saints(Maharishis) are capable of understanding, by virtue of the energy of their intense penance, many mysterious worldly matters that are not understood by our five sensory perceptions.

They say that there are many other worlds besides the world we live, that people born here come from those worlds and that people who die here go there again.

The saints reveal through the scriptures that the soul (Jeevan) confined for a long time in the form of the element air in this human body leaves this body, acquires another body, goes to another world, and experiences comforts and misery, that its rebirth is shaped by the good and the bad deeds done during its life time, and that its blood relations living in this world can satisfy its hunger and thirst by duly performing the prescribed ancestor rituals (Pithru Karma).

It is not proper to think that it is enough if those few who believe in the other worlds and the scriptures need to do the rituals for the ancestors, and that others who do not have such belief, may not do these rituals if they don’t want to.

Ancestor worship is related to, not just one person’s or a family’s welfare only, but to the welfare of all the people of the land.

If the prescribed rituals for the deceased ancestors are not done properly, they will suffer from thirst and hunger and cause suffering not only for those who did not do the rituals but also for all living in the vicinity.

Particularly the ancestors, who have had unnatural death, are said to feel jealous that the people living here are enjoying the comforts that they could not experience. Due to this envy, they are said to think of bringing, to their fold, the persons living here comfortably by causing unnatural death to them.

The deceased ancestors, for whom proper rituals like the Sraddham (on the thithi) are not done, are believed to quench their thirst and hunger by drinking the blood (shed by accident or surgical operation) of the person who must have performed the ritual (Kartha).

The Scripture(Sastram) therefore stipulate that when the rituals for a dead person could not be done due to there being no son/daughter/relative to do it or due to the son/daughter or the relative not coming forward to do it, the municipal president, who is governing the local village/town, must himself or through his representative perform the rituals, as prescribed for the community of the dead. It is for this reason that in our country even today, the government itself arranges at its own cost the cremation of the body of one who dies without kith or kin; In some places even the follow up rituals, according to the religion of the dead, are performed.

It is therefore that, irrespective of any individual’s full belief in the Vedic scriptures, all those who have concern for the welfare of the people and the country, need to take efforts to serve the people and the nation, by doing the rituals for the ancestors with the same faith and involvement as practiced by their forefathers.

This is national duty for everyone.

May the Lord bless us to do this service.

Nannilam V . Rajagopala Ganapadigal

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worship of ancestors Pithru Pujanam  volume-2

Book Contents

5 1.Is rebirth true?

5 2. How the population increases, if there is rebirth?

5 3. Example for rebirth.

5 4. Can we talk with the dead?

5 5. Sri Krishna who redeemed the dead and handed over to the parents.

6. Can the dead be brought back to life again?

57. Three levels after death.

58. Three rare gains.

59. Is one’s life-span decided at the time of birth itself?

510. What is the reason for unnatural death?

11. Do those, who had unnatural deaths, live here?

512. Who is Brahma Rakshas?

513. How does the Jeevan carry the Punya and the Papa?

514. What is Thruna Jaluka rule?

515. What is death? One should not have fear of death.

5 16. Ancestor worship rituals done by Sri Rama.

5 17. What should one do when he could not participate in the death rituals of his parents?

5 18. Who is to take the lead during the rituals for ancestors?

19.The sraddha(anniversary ceremony) done, according to Sastram,by Bhishma forSanthanu.

5 20. Ancestors who appear in the dream.

5 21. Who is to be given priority- Ancestors or Gods?

22. Ninety six (96) days meant for the deceased.

23. Newmoon(Amavasai) day and ancestors.

5 24. What is Maathappirappu ( birth of the month)- Sankramanam?

25What is tobe done on a Maathappirappu day

5 26. When is the start time (time of birth) for (Tamil) months?

5 27. When one should do the tharpanam for forefathers?

5 28. Names of Tamil months and their auspicious periods.

5 29. What are the times of auspicious period (for Masappirappu Tharpanam)?

5 30. Ancestors who wait at the door.

5 31. Domestic situations and human behaviour change.

5 32. How to ascertain the annual sraddha ritual day?

5 33. Ancestors disappointed by non-performance of sraddham.

5 34. Who are all satisfied when sraddham is performed?

5 35. Two names for the dead.

5 36. Can sraddham be done on another day (other than the sraddham thithi day)?

537.The path shown by Rama.Need the brothers do the sraddham (for their parents) separately?

538. How does the sraddham ritual reach the ancestors?

5 39. If the dead had taken another birth?

5 40. Ancestors eat in the form of air(ether).

5 41. Creating conducive atmosphere and good thoughts at the time of death.

5 42. Can the bones (of the dead) be disposed in the Ganges?

5 43. How many days should one observe mourning for the deceased?

5 44.Subha Sweekaaram( Acquiring Auspiciousness)

The events (prescribed) for the 13th day after death.

5 45. Remedy(pariharam) warranted for death on the days when certain stars rule.

5 46. Why the rites for the dead are done (every month) for one year ?.

5 47. Natural death, Unnatural death - What is the difference?

5 48. Is it possible to know, in advance, how long we will continue to live?

5 49. Sri Vedavyasa and his disciple who
attempted to know the (life’s) end day.

5 50. What are the indications that the last day is approaching?

5 51. Pithru Karma (Rituals for the dead) eradicates defects(doshas) indicated in the horoscope.

5 52. If one does Tharpanam (for deceased ancestors), he is blessed with the Grace of Navagrahas (Nine planets).

5 53. Some important actions to be performed by sons after the death of their parents (for the latter’s benefit).

5 54. The benefits we get by the blessings of the deceased.