Clearance of Spiritual Doubts    Part-7

This Book clarifies  many doubts on spiritual matters & religious virtual
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This Book clarifies many doubts on spiritual matters & religious rituals. It shows the correct way to follow the scriptures in modern times. It has convincing answers for modern mind. All answers are backed with proper evidences from scriptures and practice. The answers given in these books are based on our Vedas, scriptures and they are authentic and genuine. There are also some practical suggestions that take into account current day life styles. We have done our best to get the correct answers from the various authorities in our Vedas and sastras. This will assist further the cause of helping people understand our various rituals and practices well. Even more importantly it will guide them to do the right things

About the Author

Brahmasri V. Rajagopala Ganapatigal, is a Salakshana Ganapatee, Editor of the Spiritual Magazine “Vaithikasri”, Publisher of many books on Dharma Sastras and a renowned Vedic Scholar, Shri Rajagopala Ganapatigal is a Great priest and a proficient Lecturer on Ramayana, Bagavatha, Maha Bharatha puranas today. He lives in Chennai. His aim is to impart Vedic Sciences & Sastras in the Traditional Gurukulam method and also study of other related subjects in depth, is conducting daily classes, holding weekly meetings and publishing books. To enforce spiritual studies by augmenting spiritual training centers for general public also.

(Contents of Doubts Part-7 )

556. Need we install only a stolen Ganesha idol in a new temple?
557. How to to perform knocking our forehead with our knuckles and do ‘Dhorbhi: Karnam
(Thoppu- Karanam)’ for Ganesha?
558. What are the different thithis(days) suited for performing Puja(worship) of different gods?
559. Which is the best for doing abhishekam - milk or honey?
560. What is meant by Kuladeyvam(family-deity)? What is its signicance?
561. If one does not know his Kuladeyvam, how to find it out?
562. Who is Bairavar? Which day is best suited day to pray to, worship Bairavar?
563. Why we garland Anjaneyar with betel-leaf-garland? How many leafs for a garland ?
564. Which direction should the Prayer(Pooja) room of the house face? Which direction should the God’s pictures face?
565. In which direction and section of the house the puja room is to be located?
566. Should the electrical light, in the Puja room, be kept on during the nights?
567. Can we keep the picture or idols of Navagr31aha in the Puja room and do puja to them?
568. What is the procedure for worshipping one foot tall ( god’s) idol in the house?
569. Is it a sin to tear gods’ pictures or to tread on them?
570. Which of the flowers, are best suited as offering(archanai) to gods?
571. Can we separate the petals of the flowers and do archanai with the petals?
572. Can we light karpooram (camphor), udhupaththi (incense stick) etc., form the flame of lighted lamp?
573. Can we use the coconut from the (Thambulam) gift bag given during auspicious occasions,
for worship (Archana)?
574. Can we hand over the Panchaayathana Puja being worshipped for generations, to our son living abroad?,
575. When should one do Varalakshmi Puja?
576. There is no practice of doing Varalakshmi Puja in my ( husband’s) family. Can I do the Puja now?
577. When can a Sumangali start the Varalakshmi Vratham, if this Vratham was not started in the first year of marriage?
578. Can several sumangalis perform the Varalakshmi Puja, using only one kalasam?
579. Who can have the protective-string(Raksha-kayaru or Saradu) tied in her hand at the end of the Puja and in which hand? Who will tie the Raksha?
580. Can we locate back in its place (yathaasthaanam), the divinepot (Kalasam) on the same day after
the Puja is over?
581. Can pregnant women do Sri Varalakshmi Vradam and Puja?
582. Can we do Varalakshmi Puja in the year when some relation had deceased?
583. In case the Varalakshmi Puja could not be performed on the specific day?
583. What is Avahanthi homam?
585. Can we do homam with Gayatri Mantra chant, on behalf of others?
585A. Can we pick the homam-materials,
that had slipped from the hand and fell down
when doing the homam, and offer them in the
Homa-kundam (container for sacred fire)?
586. When we commit a prayer for God in one temple, can we perform and complete it in another temple
of the same God?
587. Why the Navagrahas do not find a place in the Perumal Temples only?
588. Can we use the coconut offered in the temple archanai, in our cooking?
589. Can we light the lamp before the swami(deity) in the morning, after we had a wash of our teeth, face, hands and legs or are we to light the lamp only after we finish the morning bath?
590. How many strands should the wick of the Lamp have? What oil is to be used for the Lamp?
Mantras, Japam, Parayanam
591. Japa-Maalai(rosary-string) of what materials(beads) can be used for mantra-japam
592. If those who took mantra upadesam(initiation) from a Guru, do not perform the mantra japam,
will dosham(blemish) accrue to the Guru?
593. What is Thuriya (Fourth) Gayathri Mantram?
594. What is vandana mantram?
595. When we are doing Parayanam (scripture reading) or Mantra Japam, can we get up in the middle
to welcome a Mahan(saint - great soul?
596. Can we read the Uttara Kandam section of Srimad Ramayanam?Self Discipline
597. How one has to focus his mind on God without aspiring for worldly pleasures?
598. What we should do so that others show love and affection to us?
599. Is it an apasakunam (bad omen) if some one says ‘Waif, I will come’, at the time we start on an
outstation trip?
600. Can we tie the Kasikkayiru (holy string from Kasi) in our wrist/hand as a Raksha (protective guard)?
601. Can I wear Rudraksha Mala (in the neck) all the time?
Bathing – Namaskaram
602. Can those, whose parents are alive,
have headbath on Amavasai day?
603. Is vibuti (holy ash) to be applied only as a water-mixed-paste? Or can it be smeared as it is (as a dry powder)?
604. Is there any difference in doing Namaskaramto Sanyasis?
605. Why namaskaram is done four times to a sanyasi?
Food Habit
606. Can we eat the food purchased?
607. Can we eat food cooked in steam instead of with direct fire? Can we do Homam
(with steam cooked rice)?

608. What can we do to remedy the dosham of eating in prohibited places?
609. What food can be taken, without undermining upavasam, by those who cannot be on upavasam
(total fast )on Ekadasi day?
610. Can we include Nellikkai(amla,gooseberry) in our meal on Dvadasi (on whatever day it comes)?
FOR Ladies
611. In which section (of the forehead) , should women apply Kumkumam?
612. Can women do angapradakshinam in the temple?
613. Can women have Mottai (shaving of the hair on the head)?
614. Can men do the lighting of the lamp, watering Thulasi palnt and the like?
615. Who is Vasthu? Can we have his picture in the house and do Puja?
616. When we construct a house, what directionshould the entrance face?
617. How to ascertain whether the right time (Gurubalam) for the marriage (of a girl ) has come?
618. Is any pariharam required when the (girl’s) marriage is done, not at the right(prescribed) age,
but belatedly? What is the pariharam?.
619. Can a marriage, already committed by an engagement function, be conducted on the scheduled date,if somebody in the boy’s or girl’s family dies before this date ?
620. Who, the relatives or the purohits, are to perform the abhishekam(anointing) with the kalasa jalam
(sanctified pitcher water), in events like Sashtiapdapoorthi (completion of 60 years), sadabhishekam (completion of seeing 1000 crescent moon- above 80 years 8 months)?
621. Why birth day function is done on the birth-star day and the death anniversary ritual, done on the death- thithi day ( day counted from the newmoon or full moon)?
622. Is it correct to say that the Upanayanam (ceremony of investiture with the sacred thread)
of a boy is to done only at an odd-numbered age?
622a. What is the right age for the marriage of a boy/girl?
623. Can auspicious functions like marriage and upanayanam be done on Ekadasi day?
624. Shoud we refrain from conducting auspicious events on Ashtami (8th llunar day) and Navami
(9th lunar day)?
625. Can we do Grahapravesam on a Tuesday?.
626. What is Chandrashtamam? Can we do functions like marriage on these days?
627. Can we conduct marriages on Mahalaya Paksha days?
628. What to do with the Aarathi water, after the Arthi is done at the end of any puja or auspicious function?What? How? Why?
629. Can we have Kunkumam,Vibuti on the forehead all the time? Which hand and finger are
to be used to apply them?
630. Why it is said that one may even get Pon(gold) but not Budan (Wednesday)?
631. What is the benefit of circumbulating (going around) Arasa Maram (Peepal Tree)?
Can we do this in the evenings?
632. Why do we do Kakkapidi, Kannupidi (on the early morning after the Pongal day)?
633. Why do we keep lemon in a glass of water?
634. A lot of food items are thrown in to the rivers when doing puja to rivers like Ganges and Yamuna.
Is this correct?
PARIHARAS (Remedial Actions)
635. If the coconut broken as an offering to Vinayakar (sitharukkai) does not break properly,
is it a bad indication?
636. What can a wife do to ensure that her husband gets cured of his decease and lives a long life?
637. A couple has no child for a longtime? What is the Pariharam for this?
638. What to do when the conceptions end in miscarriages?
639. What to do to ensure safe child-birth, without complication?
640. What to do when the baby cries all the timeas if scared?
641. There is a constant feeling of fear, all the time, during sleep or travel or wherever I go out or
when I meet somebody. What is the remedy?
641a. What is Balarishtam? How to get cured from this?
642. The skin is itching; the color is also changing. What is the remedy?
643. What is to be done so that people who died in the flood (in Utttarkhand state) attain proper Gathi
644. What to do if one has to take up a journey during Chandrashtamam days?
645. Do our pithrus(ancestors) appear in the form of snakes, in our dreams? What does it signify?
646. Is it a good omen to see the dead mother frequently in the dreams?
Jothisham (Astrology)
647. What is Rahu Kaalam?
648. Can one do harm to others using Mantras (for yeval, billy, soonyam i.e. witchcraft, voodooism)? Can it be ascertained form (the victim’s) horoscope?
649. What is the advantage of checking horoscope compatibility (for marriage)?
650. Is it necessary to check whether the horoscopes match? Is there any other way to confirm marital compatibility?
651. What is Sevvai Dosham? What are its effects?
652. Is it bad if Sani (Saturn) is located in the Lagna house in a horoscope?
653. Will Rahu-Kethu Peyarchi bring about any change?
654. What is Kala Sarpa Dhosham? How it will impact/ What is the remedy(pariharam)?
Panchangam (Almanac)
655. What is Kari Naal (Black Day –inauspicious day? What can be done on that day? What should not be done?
656. Whar is the start and the end (days) of Sukla Paksham and Krishna Paksham ?
657. Whar are Athithi and Sunya Thithis? What is the difference?
658. What is the difference between Thyajyam and Seshathyajyam referred in Panchangam?
659. What is the meaning of the word ‘Avama‘, found in panchangams?
660. What is ‘vai-sira‘, mentioned in the panchangam?Prescribed Timings (Kurippitta Neraththil)
661. Can we draw Kolam at the main entrance on the previous night?.
662. Why one should not sleep during Sandhyakaalam (sunset time)?
663. May we look at the Chandran (moon) on a (Vinayaka) chathurthi day?
664. What is the special significance of Rahu Kaalam on Tuesdays and Fridays?
665. How to ascertain the start time of every month and every year (masappirappu/ varushappirappu)?
666. Which period is Abijith Neram? What activity can be done during that period?
667. Can we do shaving during the night time?
668. Do we perform upakarma (Avani Avittam) during the year following the death of a relation?
669. I belong to Satyashada Sutra. Can I dokarmas according to other sutras?
PitruPoojanam (Worship of Ancestors) - Tharpanam
670. Can we do garlanding, lighting of camphor and pooja to the picture of the dead(ancestors)?
671. Can we draw Kolam in front of the house on pithru tharpanam, pithru sraddha days?
672. Can we do pithru tharpanam using thambalam(circular plate) with Vishnu Patham embossed on it?
673. What is Bodayana Amavasai? When does it occur?
674. Can a person with a living father, do Bhishma Tharpanam on Bhishmashtami day? Can he use sesame seed for the tharpanam?
675. Can a young son, who has not had upanayanam yet, do pithru karma?
676. Relatives who went on Kedarnath Yathrai did not return. Can we treat them as dead and do the karma?
PitruPoojanam (Worship of Ancestors) sraddham
677. If we cannot do sraddham, can we do annadhanam (feeding) for the poor on the sraddham day? Will we get the benefit of doing sraddham?
678. When we cannot do sraddham at our house, can we do it at other places?
679. If a sraddham thithi comes twice in the month, which one is to be chosen for the sraddham?
680. As I could not ascertain the sraddham thithi correctly, I have done the sraddham earlier.
What can I do now?.
681. We brothers had started doing sraddham separately. Can we now/hereafter perform the sraddham together?
682. When the elder brother does sraddham for the younger brother, can he eat the residual sraddham food (pithru sesham)?
Mahaalaya Paksham
683. What is Mahaalayam?
684. For what purpose Mahaalaya Paksham was established?
685. When (Which period of the year) is Mahaalaya Paksham?
686. How many days in total constitute Mahaalaya Paksham?
687. What should be done in Mahaalaya Paksham?
688. How many types of Mahaalayam are there?
689. When exactly Mahaalayam (tharpanam)
is to be done during the Mahaalaya Paksham?
690. On which day one should do Mahaalayam, if he wants to do it only on one day?
691. What should one do, if he is unable do tharpanam daily during Mahaalaya Paksham?
692. What one has to do when his parent’s annual sraddham thithi falls during the Mahaalaya Paksham?
693. What is the special significance of Mahaabarani?
694. What is special about the Avidhavaa Navami that occurs during Mahaalaya Paksham?
695. When do we perform Sanyastha Mahaalayam (Mahaalayam for sanyasis)?
696. When do we do Mahaalayam for ancestors who had unnatural death?
697. Can a woman, who has no children and whose husband is dead, do Mahaalaya sraddham?
698. How many tharpanams we do on the Mahaalaya Amavasai day, one or two?
699. What is the Mahaalaya Tharpanam procedure for those who practice shannavathi tharpanam?
700. Who are all the ancestors, we have to invoke during the Mahaalaya Paksham tharpanam?
701. Has the step mother any role in the Mahaalayam?
702. Can a person do Mahaalayam when his father is still living?
703. When one’s father is no more but mother is living, can he do Mahaalayam?
704. Can one do Mahaalayam in the first year after the father’s death?
705. What is the elaborate way of doing Mahaalayam?
706. What, if we don’t do Mahaalayam?
707. What is the benefit of doing Mahaalayam?

Other queries
708. Is it correct that cancer patients do not have rebirth?
709. Do dogs howl, when somebody is dying?
710. When we make dhaanam (gift), should we make sure that the recipient is a follower of Acharam Anushtaanams ( conduct of purity, austerity)?
711. Only Arjunan felt sorry, in the beginning of the Kurukshetra war, that he had to fight with and kill
his own relations. Why did not the other four of the Pandavas have similar affectionate feeling?
712. Although it is said that one, who does puja to Mahalakshmi with vilvam leaves, can have a good life, why the archakars (priests) doing vilvam archanai in the temples suffer in poverty

Copies of this Books are available only with vaithikasri,
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