Clearance of Spiritual Doubts    Part-6

This Book clarifies  many doubts on spiritual matters & religious virtual

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This Book clarifies many doubts on spiritual matters & religious rituals. It shows the correct way to follow the scriptures in modern times. It has convincing answers for modern mind. All answers are backed with proper evidences from scriptures and practice. The answers given in these books are based on our Vedas, scriptures and they are authentic and genuine. There are also some practical suggestions that take into account current day life styles. We have done our best to get the correct answers from the various authorities in our Vedas and sastras. This will assist further the cause of helping people understand our various rituals and practices well. Even more importantly it will guide them to do the right things

About the Author

Brahmasri V. Rajagopala Ganapatigal, is a Salakshana Ganapatee, Editor of the Spiritual Magazine “Vaithikasri”, Publisher of many books on Dharma Sastras and a renowned Vedic Scholar, Shri Rajagopala Ganapatigal is a Great priest and a proficient Lecturer on Ramayana, Bagavatha, Maha Bharatha puranas today. He lives in Chennai.
His aim is to impart Vedic Sciences & Sastras in the Traditional Gurukulam method and also study of other related subjects in depth, is conducting daily classes, holding weekly meetings and publishing books. To enforce spiritual studies by augmenting spiritual training centers for general public also.

(Contents of Doubts Part-6 )

1)Worship of God
391) Sitting in which direction should the (Shiva) pooja that is performed at home be done?
392) In what should the deities be initiated ideally for performing pooja?
393) Which direction is preferable for lighting the lamp?
394) Can the lamp be lit with the multi-source oil that is being sold in the market?
395) The size of the salagramam-sivaligam at home is too small. Can bigger sized idols be bought and worshipped?
396) Can two salagramams be kept at home and worshipped?
397) Can the sivalingam given by a friend be kept at home and worshipped?
398) Which vessel is ideally suited for keeping the food offerings to the deities?
399) While offering camphor (harathi deepa) to the deities how many times should the harathi be shown?
400) When can a Tulsi plant be worshipped for the first time?
401) What is pradakshinam? How many times should it be done for different deities?
402) In the month of Margazhi, apart from the pooja for the Dhanur month, should any daily pooja also be performed?
403) Is there any mantra for lighting lamp in temples?
404) Can kumbabhisheka to temples be performed during dakshinayana period?
405) Is there any reference in the scriptures for the butter coating that is applied to Lord Hanuman?
2) Mantras-Japa
406) Can the Gayatri mantra be chanted while travelling in a bus?
407) While chanting mantras, can we keep track of the number of times they are chanted by keeping a yantra in hand?
408) Which is the best among stotra parayanam, mantra japam and meditation?
409) Can japas, poojas and abhishekas be performed sitting on leaves?
3) Lifestyle-Bathing & Ablution
410) Can we take holy dip in the rivers at nights?
411) Is it essential to perform the rituals that form part of bathing while bathing from a well also or is it enough they are done while dipping in a river?
4) Food Habbit
412) What are the food items that can be consumed on days of fasting?
413) Can we eat in outsider’s house on newmoon day?
5) Adherence (Karmas)
414) While doing sandhyavandanam, after prostrating should abhivadaye be said or not?
415) On dwadasi day considering that food has to be taken during the prevalence of dwadasi,  if dwadasi prevails for a short duration only in the morning, when do we do the nithya puja and madhyanikam?
416) When one has to travel in the evening, can sandhya vandanam be performed earlier say  around 4.00pm?
417) During brahma yagnam can a person whose parents are alive, also wear the sacred thread on the left hand side and perform tharpanam to his ancestors?
6) Auspicious events
418) While choosing an auspicious day for an auspicious event, which of the following has to be given importance- tithi (calendar day of the fortnight), nakshatra (star) or day of the week?
419) Is there any evidence in the shastras for bursting crackers during Diwali?
420) Every year depending on the birthday (star birthday) do results vary?
421) Can a marriage be solemnized on the day a new month starts?
422) In this Vikruthi year since there are two newmoon days occurring in the month of chitra, is it advisable to solemnize a marriage during that month?
423) Can a person adhering to one veda marry a person adhering to a different veda?
424) Is it necessary that persons belonging to various sub-sects like brahacharanam,vadamal and vathima have to marry within their sub-sects?
425)In which hand should one wear the rakshai?
426) When a marriage and upanayanam have to be performed on the same day which event should be performed first? Marriage or upanayanam?
427) Can functions like marriage, upanayanam and seemantham be performed with just few people who are absolutely essential?
428) Which is the best day (star) to solemnize a marriage?
429) On the day of marriage a small wooden bar is kept on the bride’s head. Does it signify that the girl has to slog like a bull?
430) Is there any evidence to support the thirumangalya dharanam (tying of sacred thread around the girl’s neck) done in marriages ?
431) Can a widower perform himself the brahmopadesam-upanayanam for his son ?
7) Yatra-Travel
432) Can a person undertake travel on  his birthday (janma nakshatra day)?
433)If a person who has already completed his yatra to Kashi and Rameswaram happens to re-visit these places, does he have to undertake the yatra
once again?
8) What? How?
434) What is panchagavyam? What benefit does it give?
435) What is the proper method to prepare the
sacred thread (poonal) that men wear?
436) What is naandhi? Why is it performed?
437) What is udaka shanthi? Why is it performed?
9) For Gentle Men
438) When the wife is pregnant should the husband refrain from shaving and sport a beard?
439) On what all occasions should the sacred thread (poonal) be changed?
440) How does a person wear thesacred thread (poonal) on his self?
441) If the sacred thread slips from the body  by mistake, what has to be done immediately?
10) For Ladies
442) When ladies take bath while applying turmeric is there any sloka to be recited?
443) What are the days ideally suited for performing sumangali pooja?
444) When it is not possible to perform karadaiyar nonbu on that particular day, can it be done on some other day?
445) Since the month of panguni begins in the night this year, when can the karadaiyar nonbu pooja be performed and sacred thread worn?
11) Vasthu
446) Is there any mantra to cut the tree that has grown in the house?
447) Can a peepal tree be grown in front of the house?
448) Can there be trees opposite to the entrance of the house?
12) Pariharas (Remedies)
449) What is the remedy for a man to get married early?
450) What is the reason for not being able to have children at the appropriate time?
451) Is there any sloka for a safe normal delivery?
452) At the time of child-birth if the umblical cord is entangled around the child’s neck, is it inauspicious? What is the remedy for it?
453) What can be done if a child does not have a proper brain development?
454) In our family a child died at a very young age. Was it because of any dosha? What is the remedy for it?
455) To get rid of a disease in the body can a person approach the physician and take treatment or perform some remedy?
456) Frequent fevers. What is the remedy?
457) Is any remedy given in the shastras for tuberculosis?
458) If a Tamil month begins on the day of a person’s janma nakshatra is it harmful for that person?
459)What is the alternative for not being able do sandhyavandanam?
460) Even after giving alms frequently, one doesn’t reap the benefits completely. Why is it so?
461) How long does it take for purification (shuddi) of a person who consumes food in the aradhana conducted by sages (sanyasins)?How many times should the Gayatri mantra be recited to eradicate the dosha?
462) What is the simplest remedy to eradicate the sin caused by telling a lie?
463) While riding a car, by mistake the car hit a cow and the cow died. What is the remedy (prayaschitham) for this?
13) Appointed time period
464) If a job has to be done on a specific day and if the day is not suitable for doing that job, what needs to be done?
465) What is the significance of the concurrence of Monday and newmoon day?
14) Eclipse
466) What are the acts to be performed during eclipse?
467) Which is the best to be given away as donation during solar/lunar eclipse?
468) Can a grahana (pithru) tharpanam be done after the eclipse is over?
469) If the day of solar-lunar eclipse happens to be a shoonya thithi should grahana tharpanam be done or not?
15) Pithru poojanam (ancestoral worship) Tharpanam
470) If a person happens to travel on the day of tharpanam can he do it at someone’s house at the place of travel?
471) On which day should the people belonging to shukla yajur veda perform the amavasya tharpanam?
472) Can the persons who have to perform amavasya tharpanam take oil bath on Diwali day?
473) If a person is unable to perform tharpanam on shannavathi tharpanam day can he do it the next day?
16) Shraddham
474) If a parental shraddham falls on new moon day, when should the amavasya tharpanam be done?
475) If a parental shraddham falls on the beginning day of a month when should the tharpanam for month beginning be done?
476) Should the shraddham for parents be performed every year compulsorily?
477) It was not possible to perform the shraddham on the day of shraddham. What can be done? Can it be performed on the same thithi the next month?
478) Should a person who takes bath before lunch daily, take bath again on the shraddham day?
479) Can two brothers be initiated as the bhoktha (for eating food) for the same shraddham?
480) Why should pumpkin and asafoetida be not used in shraddham?
481) During a shraddham can a person who is performing the shraddham, serve food himself to the person eating?
482) How should the plantain leaves on which the brahmanas, eat food during shraddham be disposed of? Can a cow be made to eat them?
483) When several brothers perform shraddham together, is it enough if the eldest brother performs the tharpanam after shraddham?
17) Mahalaya paksham
484) Can mahalayam be performed during the first year after father’s death?
485) If shraddham happens to fall during mahalaya paksham can paksha mahalaya tharpanam be done? Or should it be done during the next paksham?
486) When mahalayam is performed as hiranyam and food offered to brahmanas, should the food
be cooked as it is done for shraddham or samaradhanai?
487) What about persons who say that it is not in their family custom to have Vishnu varanam during mahalayam?
18) Theetu- pollution
488) Can we visit temples during the period of theetu (pollution) after a child birth or after the death of a relative?
489) Can archakas- pandits perform pooja in the temples during the year when their parents die?
490) Is venn pattu (white silk) always pure? Can it be washed and dried?
491) How is the silk which is extracted from worms considered as pure for our poojas?
19) Others- general
492) Is shaking hands with each other right as per shastras?
493) When we are not able to visit holy places can we send someone on our behalf? Does this bring us punyam?
494) Can the rudraksha be worn around the neck all the time?
495) Can tender coconut water be not kept in bronze vessel?
496) Many people do medication and forecasting without properly learning medicine or astrology. Is that right?
497) Why is it that many prayers in the veda mantras have been formed asking for the birth of a male child?
498) The dasami thithi in the shukla paksham of the month of thai this year is not found in the almanac. When is it?
499) Can saints chant veda?
500) In how many days does the dream that comes during sleep yield result?
501) Where all should slippers be not worn?
502) Is it good or bad to see the elephant or horse in the dream?
20) Upanayanam
501) What does upanayanam mean?
502) What is the right age for doing upanayanam for a student?
503) What is the maximum age limit for doing upanayanam?
504) What is the status of those whose upanayanam has not been performed even after the maximum age limit (16)?
505) Why should the upanayanam be performed on an auspicious day? Why can’t it be performed on a day that is convenient to us?
506) What are the months, days and stars specified for performing upanayanam?
507) What are the days ideal for performing upanayanam?
508) What are the months-days during which upanayanam should not be performed?
509) Can we decide the days for performing upanayanam ourselves?
510) Can the upanayanam be performed during school vacation (may, june months)?
511) Can upanayanam be performed on trayodashi or chaturdashi thithis?
512) Can upanayanam- marriage be performed on kari naal?
513) Can upanayanam be performed for brothers on the same day?
514) For whom all can upanayanam be performed?
515) What is the qualification for the boy who is getting the upanayanam done?
516) Do persons who are dumb or deaf or blind or mentally retarded or have physical disability also have to get their upanayanam done?
517) Can upanayanam be performed in even age?
518) Can upanayanam be performed during the seven and a half year Saturn period?
519) Who can perform the upanayanam (Gayatri mantropadesham)?
520) Who can perform the upanayanam for a boy who has lost his father?
521) What is the qualification for a person who is performing the upanayanam?
522) Is it necessary that the person who is performing the upanayanam belongs to the same gothram –veda as the boy?
523) Is it essential that the upanayanam is conducted in a marriage hall only?
524) What are the items that have to be prepared for upanayanam?
525) What are the events that are conducted in an upanayanam?
526) During the upanayanam, on which side of the parents should the boy whose upanayanam is being performed sit on the stage?
527) What is brahmopadesam?
528) During upanayanam, which event – wearing the sacred thread or Brahma(Gayatri)upadesam,
should be done during the muhurtham time?
529) What is the advantage of Gayatri mantra (upadesam)?
530) What is samidadhadanam? Who should do it and when should it be done?
531) What are the samithus that can be used for samidadhana homam?
532) Should the samithadanam be done with samithu only? Or can it be done with darbha grass also?
533) What is the advantage of samithadana homam?
534) What is bhikshacharanam?
535) From whom should the bhiksha be taken? Who should be approached first?
536) Whom should a boy who does not have mother approach first for bhiksha?
537) The pandit refuses to come home to teach sandhyavandanam. What can be done?
538) Is there any change in the upanayanam conducted for twins?
539) What is Raksha (Prathisara) bandhanam)?
540) In which hand should the raksha bandhanam thread be tied?
541) What is palikai pooja- ankurarpanam?
542) What is the meaning of sprinkling of paligai?
543) What is the total number of paligai?
Does this vary from person to person?
544) Who can sprinkle paligai? Who should not?
545) After sprinkling, what should be done to the paligai?
546) While sprinkling paligai, should one sprinkle water or grains?
547)What all grains should be included in paligai?
548) What is the advantage of sprinkling paligai?
549) On what all occasions is paligai sprinkled?
550) What is kumarabhojanam? How many people should eat?
551) What food items can be given in kumarabhojanam?
552) Should Pariseshanam be done during kumarabhojanam?
553) A rope is tied around the boy’s waist during upanayanam. Why?
554) What should a boy do from the time the upanayanam is performed?
555) What is Dandineer? When should it be done?
556) What is the method of prostrating for a boy whose upanayanam has been performed?


Copies of this Books are available only with vaithikasri,
# New No 488, (old No 175) T.T.K.Road, Alwarpet, Chennai-600 018. Tamil Nadu, Ph: 044 24361210.