The Doctrine of  Righteousness (Dharma) or 
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In this book type of Clarifications Sastra  More Then 240 Subjects


It goes to the credit, erudition, penance & foresightedness of the great sages who adorned our holy country, to have laid down the various tenets for our daily life, all based on scientific wisdom. Their teachings, known as Dharma Sastra, bestow on us valuable guidelines of how to lead a virtuous and meaningful life from birth to death, particularly in relation to things and other living beings. Lord Krishna in Bhagawath Gita highlights the paramount importance of the Dharma Sastra thus:

Tasmac sastram pramanam te karyaakarya-vyavasthitau

Jnathva sasra-vidhanoktham karma karthum iharhasi (16-24)

(Therefore the injunctions of the Vedic scriptures in ascertaining what should be done and what should not be done are your authority; knowing the ordinances of the Vedic scriptures as prescribed, you should perform actions in this word as a matter of duty.) Sastra meaning the Vedic scriptures is the sole absolute supreme authority deciding all matters of existence guiding all creation as to what is to be done and what is not to be done. What the ordinances and injunctions of the Vedic scriptures enjoin along with their auxiliaries such as the Puranas, Upanisads, Itihasas, etc reveals that the highest truth is the Supreme Lord Krishna, that all activities should be engaged in as devotion and propitiation to Him and that this in itself constitutes the means of attaining Him.


Consequently, books on Dharma Sastra which are both comprehensive and simple are of limited availability, and even those available do not command wide readership. Persons who show keenness and inquisitiveness, do not get sufficient opportunities, nor the time due to other work pressures and strains. In this scenario, therefore, lecturers on the subject with deep sastraic knowledge, and also the audience, are few and far between.


"Vaithika Sri" organization has been striving to step in to fill this void to the extent possible. Two volumes on the subject in simple English are already on the stands and the present is an attempt to bring out the third volume covering more points on what should not be done. Those desirous of knowing the sastraic practices can get to know of at least some.


Subject of Dharma sastra is indeed very vast and it is hoped that the instructions covered in this volume will be useful, though some of which may be found difficult to follow in the present day circumstances. Once we understand what the sastras say on these matters, the circumstances may actually turn out favorable to be followed. However, it is our earnest desire that people are encouraged to read and practice the path shown by Dharma Sastra to make life fuller and enjoyable. May God bless all in this Endeavour.

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with some of the Sanskrit or Tamil words used, a glossary is appeared at the end of reference. We pray God of Dharma and our Bhagwan to help us to follow this eternal and blissful path.


Preface Namaskarams For gentlemen
Worship of god Timeliness For Women
Temple Premises Individual Conduct Travels
Puja (Worship) Bathing and Dressing About condolence routines
Japam & Homam About Food Habits Ceremonies for ancestors
Glossary Miscellaneous Holy Auspicious Functions

In this book type of Clarifications Sastra  More Then 240 Subjects

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