Expansion of Shri Seetharama Gurukula Patashala
7/5/2018 3:52:15 PM

Expansion of Shri Seetharama Gurukula Patashala

With the grace of Shri Acharyas and blessing of Shri Bhgavan, Shri Seetharama Gurukulam has been conducting regular (resident) full time veda patashala for last 20 years atz Alwarpet Chennai. Nannilam Brahmasri RajagopalaGanapatigal has been running this Vedapatashala as a traditional Gurukulam model by accomodating the vidyarthis as resident learners

Students are admitted before the age of 12 and the vedas are taught full time for approximately 7 years. Advanced courses like Ganam,Jatai are conducted for 2 years. Sampoorna Krishna Yajur Veda Aaranyakam

Samhitha Padam Kramam Jatai Ganam are taught in this patashala.Veda bashyam is also taught along with these subjects. Sanskrit classes are taught and vidyarthis are facilitated to participate in exams outside and gain professional degrees/certificates as well

As an expansion to this patashala, a new branch of Shri Seetharam Gurukulam patashala has been inagurated on 24-06-2018 at Mudichur near chennai and Shri Krishna Ganapatigal (Son of Brahmasri Rajagopala Ganapatigal) has been appointed as the guru and he lives at tzzzzzzhis Guurukulam to teach and guide the vidyarthis in the vedic journey

As yet another expansion a new branch of Shri Seetharam Gurukulam patashala has been inagurated today 05-7-2018 at Sengalipuram village in Kudavasal Thaluk,Thiruvarur District, Tamail Nadu . Five vidyarthis are enrolled at this patashala as of now. Shri Saiam Mohan sarma ,diciple/sishya of Brahmasri Rajagopala Ganapatigal, has been appointed as the guru of this patashala.

Thus Shri Seetharama Gurukulam patashala is functional and operating at 3 different locations ----Chennai,Mudichur and Sengalipuram

Alwarpet Patashala : New No :486,old no: 176, TTK Road,Alwarprt, chennai-600018 Guru : Brahmasri Rajagopala Ganapatigal , 6 vidyarthis are learning here

Mudichur Patashala Plot no 8 3rd link road ashtalakshmi nagar,Mudichur Guru: Shri Krishna Ganapatigal, 5 vidyarthis are learning here
Shengalipuram Patashala : No.69, Agraharam Sengalipuram via Kodavasal, Thiruvarur Dist, PIN -612614 Guru: Shri Sairam Mohan Sarma, 5 vidyarthis are learning here.

We request asthikas to visit these patashalas and provide any support they can afford and seek the blessings of Veda matha.

Apart from full time veda classes,it is planned to conduct part-time veda classes starting with Sandhyavandana Mantras, SUkthams, Shri Rudram etc in these 3 patashalas. We hereby request Asthikas to make use of this privilige and benefit appropriately.

Brahmasri Rajagopala Ganapatigal For further details, pls contact 89030 39176

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