VEDA SREE (Part Time Veda Class) FAQ
5/6/2017 10:33:18 AM

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VEDA SREE (Part Time Veda Class) FAQ
What is “Vedasree” class ?
“Vedasree” (part time veda) classes are conducted by “Vaidhikasri and Sri Seetharama Gurukulam ”, to teach Veda with proper pronunciation & intonation (Akshara and swara suddham), for those who cannot learn Veda through patashaala (full time) – especially school children and Grihastas engaged in other professions.
Why Veda sree class?

• To spread Veda and Veda shabdham through recitation of Veda mantras by many (Veda Gosham) and thereby inspire satva guna, discipline among people and achieve a healthy & harmonious world (Loka kshemam)
• To stop the undesired/unintended consequences of karma that is performed without proper pronunciation of Veda mantras which are not properly learnt from a Guru.
• To teach proper intonation of Veda mantras which are part of Nithya karmas (Sandhya vandhanam, Brahma yagnyam etc.) & Pithru karmas (Amavasya tarprnam) and thereby ensure realization of full benefits to those Brahmanas who perform them.
• To fulfill Dharmic wish of those who have been initiated with Upanayanam and yearn to learn Veda at least in small portions
Enrollment and Fee details of Vedasree class
• Sree Seetharama Gurukulam runs full time Veda Patashaala with no charge/fee obtained from students. Similarly, “Vedasree” (part-time) classes will also be conducted absolutely free – No fee towards admission/classes.
• The Shraddha to learn Veda and proper Proyoga of Veda manthras will be considered as fee and honour paid to us.

For whom Vedasree classes are meant for?
• For students of all age groups (Children to Elders)
• Students must have been initiated with Upanayana samskaram
• Students must have faith and respect in Sanathana Dharma and especially in acharyas who teach Veda
• Students must wear a proper attire during classes – Veshti/Thundu is a must (Grihasthas should wear Panchakaccham). Shirts/T-shirts/Pants should be avoided
• A few other regulations that shall be introduced by management owing to circumstances must be adhered to
How Vedasree classes will be conducted?
• Vedasree classes will be taught by Vidhvans/Vaidhikas who have learn Veda from a Guru (through Paatashaala) and practice Vedic discipline in life (wear kudumi, panchakaccham & perform nithya karmas regularly)
What will be taught in Vedasree?
• Veda manthras which are required for practice (anushtanam) of Nithya/Naimithika karma which are essential for Brahmana – will be taught in a series
• At present, the syllabus is divided into 5 parts – each part spanning across 24 classes. Details are provided below
Schedule of Vedasree classes
• Based on students’s availability two major schedules are maintained
? Weekly thrice
? Weekly once (on Sunday 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM)
• No new classes on days which are prohibited by Sashtra (Prathamai,Ashtami, Chaturdasi, Pournami, Amavasya) – though practice of already learnt portion can be repeated on other days such as Ashtami & Chaturdasi
• Details on specific classes will be communicated through “Vedasree” Whatsapp group.
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