Krithika mandala veda parayanam From 17-11-2015 Tuesday to 01-01-2016 Sunday
10/27/2015 8:07:06 PM

The Mandala Veda Parayanam is being held by the Rajagopala Ganapatigal for the past 8 years without a break.

This year Veda Parayanam will be conducted for 44 days starting from 17th November until 3rd january 2016 following which,
The Krishna Yajur Veda is the principal text that is chanted by the Pandits .

Each day a different prasna (chapter) is chanted and its significance is explained by the Ganapatigal. The parayanam is conducted at a different home every day and is followed by the chanting of other scriptures - like the Suktas or portions of the Upanishads. It is our privilege to preserve and protect the knowledge of the Veda and its secrets. Given that so much of the Veda is secret (even to protectors), it is difficult to appreciate this "privilege".

The experienced ones state that the Veda reveals its secrets in its own time to those who aspire to this knowledge with sufficient ardor. This knowledge only comes with the opening of our intuitive abilities. These in turn develop by listening to the chanting of the scripture.

To be able to listen to it even once in one’s lifetime is itself a cause for wonderment. That we have been able to listen to it regularly for so many years is truly an act of God.
Guidelines for Veda Parayanam
Pooja will commence at 6.30 pm or 4.30 pm . Basic things like manjal, kumkum, flowers, camphor, betel leaves, nuts, sandal paste (chandan), fruits, agarbathi, deepam etc. will be required for Archana. Please check with Ganapatigal in advance if you need further clarification. Pooja will be done by the host under the guidance of Ganapatigal for Lord Vinayaka and other Devathas kept in the pooja area. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Thereafter, Ganapatigals will recite Vedas for about 1 hour. This duration is subject to variation since the length of each Prasnam (chapter) is different. After that, Ganapatigal will explain briefly about the Prasnam. Then "Deeparadhanai" followed by "Mantra Pushpam" will be done.

All this be over in about 1.30 hours. Thereafter, devotional songs will be rendered by any of the participants, if they wish to. Prasadam will distributed thereafter. Based on past experience, you can expect about 6-8 persons to come voluntarily and the attendance by others will depend upon your inviting them like your friends, neighbors etc.

There may be additional participants on weekends and holidays. Prasadam can be simple and minimum of one naivedyam will be required. Hence, if you wish to order extra food from outside you could do so.Please avoid onion, garlic etc. as much as possible. Keep the prasadam simple and preparations can be made based on above indication of participants

From 17-11-2015 Tuesday to 01-01-2016 Sunday Veda parayanam on Daily 4..00 pm to 5.30 pm or 6.30 to 8.30 pm

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