8/14/2015 4:48:38 AM

Brahmasri V Rajagopala Ganapatigal, who is Salakshana Ganapatee, Editor of the Spiritual magazine, Vaithikasri Publisher of many books on Dharma Sastram and a renowned Vedic scholar
To impart Vedic Sciences & Sastras in the Traditional Gurukulam method and other related subjects in depth, conducting daily classes, holding WEEKLY meetings and publishing Books To enforce spiritual studies by augmenting Spiritual Training centers for General Public also. To establish and maintain Libraries for Students

Shri Rajagopala Ganapatigal is a Great priest and Lecturer for Ramayana, Bagavatha,Maha Bharataha puranas.. Now Live in Chennai with his wife Annapoorni Ammal and his three children. He is teaching Vedas, Sastras, Sanskrit , Stotra (Free) classes for public and He runs a Veda padasala(Vedic Shool) at the premises in Chennai where children are studying under Gurukulam system. His eldest son Krishna is undergoing Veda Adhyanam under his father, Apart form gaining knowledge about the various subjects,

“Vaithikasri” has Conducted various competitions in Vedic activities. This time we have a desire to Promote Carnatic Vocal by way of conducting competitions under various categories.

Prizes and Certificate will be awarded to the winners (first two winners and a consolation) and the prize will be distributed in a function.

The Competitions will be conducted on Sunday 19th October 2015. The details are given below.

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